This business officially began in 2005 when the preschool that my oldest daughter attended needed donations for a fundraising auction.  As a lifelong hobbyist I put together some fun jewelry and was blown away by the response!  With the encouragement of my husband and friends, I created an inventory.  I started my journey in home parties and as word spread, I was soon selling from a beautiful boutique in Downtown Hillsboro, OR.  Right around this time, I inherited a small collection of my grandmother's goodies... sparkly clip-on earrings, brooches that made my imagination dance, and BUTTONS!  This began the obsession... the obsession to hunt down and upcycle every old and amazing button I could get my hands on.  Now, you will find vintage buttons, chandelier crystals, old keys and watch parts sprinkled throughout my designs like hidden treasures from the past.  I love that every antique I find comes with a secret history that adds to the intrigue and romance of the jewelry I create! I found that my time spent in the retail world left me craving more face time with my customers.  The part that I love the most about what I do is to watch these one-of-a-kind pieces find an equally unique home with the right person!  Spring of 2008, I was inspired to take my show on the road, literally...  I have sold at street fairs and markets in Downtown Hillsboro, Orenco Station, Lake Oswego and Portland for several summers.  My current home is now the PORTLAND SATURDAY MARKET! Come see me almost every weekend between March 1st and Christmas Eve at Waterfront Park, where the beautiful updated market is located.   Please check my EVENTS page for an up-to-date schedule.



  • I hunt for old and amazing buttons at estate sales and auctions (everywhere I go really) and then I wire wrap each one into a unique piece of jewelry.  If you have ended up with a collection of your own buttons and you feel like, honestly, they're just going to waste, PLEASE CONTACT ME!  I promise I'll give them a good home.
  • I try very hard to honor the craftsmanship of every antique button and at the same time give it an artistic and unexpected new life.  The wire wrapping process that I use to create my designs does not damage the button in any way and therefor maintains the button's value.  I do NOT cut, file, glue, solder or permanently alter any of the treasures I have salvaged.
  • At art shows and street fairs my business is set up so that customers may treasure hunt through hundreds of buttons, searching for just the right one to customize.  Rings and bracelets are made to order on the spot!
  • If you are interested in selling My Favorite Button jewelry in your boutique, salon or retail space, or to host your own My Favorite Button Trunk Show PLEASE CONTACT ME for information!



  • In 2005 I moved from Montana, where I was born and raised, to explore Portland...  After that I could never leave!
  • I am married to an incredible man, brave supporter and my best friend, Christopher.
  • I am the mother of four precious daughters and two little boys!
  • My greatest challenge is motherhood.
  • My greatest joy is loving and thanking God everyday!
  • Artistic composition makes me excited like a little girl.
  • Complacency makes me cry.
  • PASSION IN YOUR HEART, PURPOSE IN YOUR LIFE!  the motto I try to live by...